Use CBD for Sports Injuries and Recovery

Use CBD for Sports Injuries and Recovery

Did you know that seventy-one percent of NFL players prefer to use CBD oil for chronic pain? This is because CBD for pain is helpful in a variety of areas, especially sports injuries. 

CBD has become popular when it comes to things like every day use, but people rarely consider how it could be used professionally, such as for professional athletes.

If you’re looking to find out the benefits of CBD for athletes, you’ve come to the right place.

As you read this article, you’ll discover multiple things: what CBD is, how it helps athletes, and how to use CBD to your advantage. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be an expert at this subject.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical found in the Cannabis Sativa plant – otherwise known as hemp. CBD is one of eighty chemicals found in this plant.

Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain the chemicals necessary to get a person high. The chemical compounds necessary to cause a reaction like that aren’t found in high enough amounts in the hemp plant.

Laws passed in 2018 made the use of hemp and hemp products legal. That said, there are still many rules and regulations surrounding CBD. For example, CBD is sometimes used as a prescription drug, so it cannot be sold in food.

CBD comes in many different forms. This can be anything from CBD oil to CBD gummies to creams or lotions for CBD. There’s even specific forms of CBD that are made to be pet friendly.

CBD has recently become a popular remedy among the general populace. The research into the benefits of CBD is ongoing, and we learn more every day about all the ways this chemical can help people.

General Benefits of CBD

 CBD has been proven to have many benefits, even when not pertaining to relief for muscle soreness. Perhaps the best-known benefit of CBD is the fact that it relieves symptoms of anxiety, as well as anxiety disorders.

This causes an improvement in general mood, as well as relieves stress. As a result, CBD can help you sleep better.

CBD has been proven to help in cases specifically involving sleep disorders such as insomnia. This is because CBD has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, making it easier for you to relax.

Finally, CBD has also been shown to help relieve chronic pain. 

As stated before, research into how CBD benefits people is constantly expanding. We learn more each day about the benefits and effects of CBD.

How CBD Helps Athletes

There are multiple ways that CBD can help athletes recover from certain injuries. The use of CBD will help to boost the speed of your recovery time, meaning you can get back to practicing the sports that you love sooner.

When an athlete works out, or practices their sport, the strenuous exercise puts small tears in the muscle. This leads to muscle soreness, especially when those small tears become inflamed. As much as it hurts, you wouldn’t want to keep that from happening- these small tears heal over and increase your muscle strength.

However, this doesn’t mean that you just have to put up with the pain on your own. CBD can help relieve muscle pain by relieving the inflammation caused by the small muscle tears. This also means that those small tears heal over faster, meaning you don’t have to rest for as long.

CBD can also help with sports injuries by following this exact principle. By relieving the inflammation and irritation surrounding the injury, it also relieves the pain that you feel from the injury and decreases the time you’ll be in recovery.

As a result, CBD is a valuable tool not only for every day use, but for athletes and the specific problems that they face.

How to Use CBD for Sports Injuries

As CBD comes in many forms, people are able to use it in a variety of ways. One such form is that CBD can be ingested through the use of CBD oil or CBD gummies. 

However, when it comes to sports injuries, different uses of CBD for pain must be considered. Muscle pain is no joke, and athletes want to get rid of that pain as soon as possible. In this case, the best approach to CBD for athletes would be a topical one.

There are many different ways to use CBD topically. If you have CBD oil, you can simply use that and work it into the affected area. Otherwise, you should consider buying a product specifically for topical use.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the right product right away. There are creams, lotions, salves, balms, and many other different forms of topical CBD. What works for other people may not always work for you.

Just as you might prefer aspirin to ibuprofen for a headache, you may need a different product to relieve your muscle pain.

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