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Smooth Movement: How to Prevent Joint Stiffness After Exercising

Did you know that it can take up to eight weeks for your joints to get used to performing new physical activities such as jogging and aerobics? 

Even though it is normal to experience joint stiffness after you are finished exercising, this does not mean that it’s something that you need to live with.

There are several tips and tricks that you can start making use of to prevent yourself from getting stiff joints. We’ve written a guide to help you out. Read on to find out more. 

Workout Tips for Stiff Joints 

Those who regularly exercise can improve the health of their joints. But it is essential that you approach physical activity in a way that won’t aggravate your joints. Here are some tips for working out. 

Try to Exercise on a Regular Basis 

Experts say that the secret to having healthy joints is regular exercise. Those who work out will help to keep their body weight under control. Those who weigh more will put more stress on the lower body joints such as the hips and the knees. 

Those who regularly exercise will also give themselves pain relief, especially if they are struggling with chronic pain. People who get in the habit of moving their bodies will improve their physical function. They will also reduce pain. 

Try to exercise for at least one hundred and fifty minutes per week. You can break this up into thirty-minute daily sessions. 

If you are recovering from a sports injury, it is a good idea to take CBD to aid in your recovery process. 

Take Your Time at the Start 

Those who exercise too intensely or too quickly will put unnecessary stress on their joints. They will also experience more pain. 

After your body gets used to regular movement, you can increase the intensity and lengths of your workouts. 

Don’t Avoid Strength Training 

People often think that they will increase joint pain when they do resistance training. This is not true. Since strength train will strengthen muscles around your joints, your joints will have more support. 

Not only will this reduce joint pain. It will also decrease the likelihood that you will get injured. 

You can also correct muscle imbalances if you tone muscles on both sides of your body.

For example, if your right ankle is weaker than your right ankle, you can do exercises to target your right ankle. By building muscle around your right ankle, you can help to get rid of this pain. 

Do More Exercises for Flexibility  

You’ll increase mobility in your joints by working on your flexibility. Once your joints are more mobile, you will be able to perform more activities.

If you’ve had trouble climbing stairs without experiencing pain, you’ll probably start feeling better if you focus on improving your flexibility. 

If you are still experiencing joint stiffness after doing exercises for flexibility on a regular basis, it is a good idea to find the best CBD to take during the day. 

The Best Joint Exercises 

Consider doing several joint exercises on a regular basis. Here are the best exercises for performing at work or in the office. 

Shoulder Rolls

This is a straightforward exercise that will help you to open up your shoulders and to relax your neck muscles. It’s a great exercise to do after waking up and before going to bed. 

To perform the exercise you’ll need to stand as straight as possible while letting your arms float freely by your sides. 

Next, roll your shoulders forward for ten to fifteen revolutions before switching directions and rolling them backwards for up to fifteen revolutions. 

Side Bends 

You’ll need to be standing when you do this exercise. Lift your left arm above your head and gently lean your body to the right. Hold this position for up to ten seconds. 

You’ll then need to repeat this movement on the other side of your body. If your shoulders and back are stiff, you should repeat this movement several times. 

Hip Swings 

This is a perfect exercise if you are experiencing hip pain. It can also relieve sciatica discomfort.

Find a sturdy piece of furniture such as a chair and hold it with your right hand. Next, gently swing your left leg back and forth. Make sure that you are standing up straight. 

Perform this movement up to fifteen times before switching to swing your right leg. 

Hamstring Stretch

It is a good idea to do this stretch after you’ve done a few hip swings. Sit in a chair and steady your body by placing your left foot flat on the ground while stretching your right leg out straight. 

Next, point your toe outward and slowly pull it back to point your toe towards your head. Keep in mind that this may not be possible for you to do until you gain a bit of flexibility. 

Repeat this movement three or four times before switching to stretch your other hamstring. 

Start Overcoming Joint Stiffness Today 

It can be frustrating to experience joint stiffness when you don’t know how to increase mobility. Try your best to start working out on a regular basis. Incorporate exercises for flexibility into your daily workout routine. 

You should also consider using CBD if you have joint pain. We sell a variety of CBD products that are made from the world’s top brands. Don’t hesitate to buy something from our store today.  

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