Is Dog CBD Safe for All Dogs?

A recent survey showed that 50% of US pet owners used CBD for their pets. Many use this natural treatment for their dog and cat for various reasons.

CBD oil for dogs has only continued to become more popular among dog owners. Mostly because pet owners are looking for natural alternatives.

CBD is a natural treatment that you can use for all kinds of issues your dog might have. Including both physical and mental problems they might be struggling with.

But is dog CBD safe, and if so, how does it work? Keep reading to find out how safe CBD is for dogs and other important facts that you should know.

Is CBD Safe for Your Dog?

When it comes to dogs, CBD is considered to be a highly safe and effective option. Research has shown that this is a safe option that is unlikely to harm your pet.

The only concern with CBD for dogs is that it inhibits cytochrome P450. This is a chemical that metabolizes most kinds of drugs.

Combining CBD with certain drugs could cause them to be ineffective. It could also cause them to not be cleared from the body, causing toxicity over time.

Because of this risk, dog owners are encouraged to discuss this with their veterinarian. If your dog is on medication, you will need to make sure it is safe for them to take CBD.

Other than that risk, there is very little to worry about with dog CBD. Most dogs react very well to it and experience no negative side effects.

Is CBD Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal and approved to be sold in all 50 states in the US. Because of this, CBD oil for dogs should be very easy to find.

You should be able to find this option at dog stores or online without any legal concerns. Though veterinarians may still avoid recommending this option.

For veterinarians, there can still be legal repercussions to recommending CBD. Even though it is legal, many vets still avoid recommending this option as a safety measure.

How Does CBD for Dogs Work?

You can use CBD oil for dogs in a variety of ways to help treat issues. When compared to other treatment options, CBD usually proves to be the best option.

This is a natural and gentle option that doesn’t even require a veterinarian prescription. It can help to provide fast and gentle relief to your pet if used with care.

Keep reading to find out some of the ways that CBD can help your dog.


One of the most effective ways to use CBD for dogs is to treat itchiness. Several tests have been done, showing just how effective this is.

In all the tests, itchy pets were given CBD oil for a period of many weeks. Showing that the CBD did help relieve itchiness over time.

Itchiness is a problem that many dogs struggle with. It may be due to stress, health conditions, or dry skin that is irritating.

Whatever the reason may be, CBD can help to reduce this symptom and make your dog more comfortable.


Tests showed that CBD combined with a chemotherapy drug helped to treat cancer. The results were much more effective than those of the cancer treatment on its own.

CBD combined with standard cancer treatments helped to shrink cancer cells as well as provide remission. Many vets had examples of pets that they had been treating.

CBD can help to prevent cancer from growing or combating it more vigorously. It may not work for all dogs or all cancers, but it is a good option.


Many dog owners turn to CBD when it comes to behavioral issues. There isn’t much conclusive evidence on how effective it is, but many owners recommend it.

A test did show that CBD could help aggressive dogs to have less aggressive tendencies. Many people also use dog CBD to help with anxiety.

CBD can help to calm dogs down and reduce dog anxiety and stress. Making it an option for dogs with noise sensitivity, separation anxiety, etc.

More research needs to be done around this topic, but many dog owners have found it to be successful. It often depends on the dog and the amount of CBD that it can take.


One area where CBD really shined was in arthritis and dog pain relief. A study revealed that a certain amount of CBD administered a day helped to relieve pain.

Dogs with severe arthritis showed almost immediate improvement with CBD. Because of this, CBD is one of the top dog pain relief remedies to try.

Even if your dog doesn’t have arthritis, it could be worth trying. CBD has the possibility of being able to treat all kinds of pain. 

Treating your dog with this option could dramatically improve dog health and overall quality of life.

Does Dog CBD Have Side Effects?

Dogs who have taken CBD have shown very few side effects. Because of this, CBD oil for dogs has been considered a safe option.

General dog health is not impacted in any negative ways. There is a rare instance where a dog may react to CBD if it doesn’t suit them.

In these cases, the side effects were usually diarrhea or an upset stomach. These symptoms passed within a day and didn’t have any lasting impact.

Is Dog CBD Safe for Dogs?

If you are wondering whether dog CBD is safe, you don’t have to worry. CBD is a safe and effective treatment for dog anxiety as well as many other issues.

This is why CBD oil for dogs has become such a popular treatment option. As pet owners are starting to recognize how effective it really is.

Do you think your dog could benefit from CBD oil? Contact us today at CBD Pantry for high-quality CBD oil options for your pet.

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