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How to Use CBD: Your Guide to Ingestion Methods

In 2019, Business Insiders predicted that CBD-based products would exceed $1.8 billion. This makes sense because of all the health benefits for people who don’t want to rely on prescription drugs. However, there are various ways to use CBD, which gets pretty complicated.

If done incorrectly will reduce its therapeutic effects. Luckily, we are here to help you reap the full benefits. Don’t miss out on this; keep reading to learn how to use CBD.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles cause a phenomenon known as the “first pass effect.” The liver and the digestive system break it down during this process. This indicates that it may take up to two hours for the CBD to take effect and that you will absorb only 20 to 30 percent of it.

What Dosage Should Your Take

A gummy containing 5 milligrams of CBD will not have much of an impact beyond the placebo effect. This does not imply you should begin with a megadose. Always start with a modest amount, slowly titrate it up, and pay attention to how you feel.

It’s best to take CBD edibles with a fatty meal to enhance the body’s absorption. For example, having a slice of buttered toast with your morning edibles can increase absorption by up to 30 percent.

Can You Fail the Drug Test?

If you are worried, stay with broad-spectrum or isolate products free of THC. This is the psychoactive element in cannabis that is tested for in drug testing.

Even trace levels of THC may accumulate in the body. That means you want to choose a product without THC.

CBD Tinctures

If you want to avoid sweets and preservatives, you may choose to try CBD tincture. It goes through sublingual absorption, which allows the substance to soak beneath the tongue.

Tinctures are solutions created by soaking cannabis flowers in oil or alcohol. Since it bypasses the GI system, it has a faster onset than edibles.

Dosing Tinctures

Check the quantity of CBD extract in the container and the dosage per full dropper (1ml). Not all manufacturers supply this amount. You can calculate it by dividing the milligrams by the millimeters.

You can also divide your serving into separate drops if you do not want to consume the whole dropper. A standard full dropper contains 15 to 20 drops, or around 0.05 milliliters per serving. Squeeze the bulb of the tincture to apply a drop.

Topping Up

The benefits of CBD oil take around 30 minutes to onset. Then two hours to reach their peak, and four hours for completion. This might vary depending on how much you consume and how your body metabolizes it.

You can wait three hours between doses if you want continuous relief. This will allow the second dose of CBD to take effect before the first dose wears off. Keeping it active in your system is essential for maximizing its effects.

Controlling the Taste

There are different types of CBD oil, and some have a harsher flavor than others. The taste of a full-spectrum hemp extract is earthier than that of a CBD-isolate oil. Consider the hemp extract in the tincture if you cannot tolerate the flavor.

You must keep the oil on your tongue for as long as possible, so it’s better to hide the taste than to prevent it. You can try flavored CBD oil, but not everyone enjoys eating artificial flavors. While taking the oil, you can opt for something sweet like a teaspoon of honey.


CBD topicals are intended for direct application to the skin. There are lotions, balms, creams, salves, and transdermal patches containing CBD. These are excellent options for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.

Topicals are not susceptible to the first-pass effect, so they can provide localized relief. Compared to sublingual tissue, the permeability of your skin is relatively low. That means, when using topical treatment, you should choose one with a high CBD dosage.

CBD Vapes

Vaping and smoking enable CBD to enter the bloodstream immediately. You will experience the benefits much quicker than with other ways. In less than 10 minutes, you will absorb 34% to 56% of the CBD.

Vaping avoids carcinogens by heating below the threshold of combustion. If you want to vape, don’t use CBD vape cartridges that include carriers. These are propylene glycol, fractionated coconut oil, or vegetable glycerin.

Adjust Your Dosage

Before using CBD vape oils, it’s vital to identify the appropriate dosage. If the dosage is insufficient, you will not experience any desired effects. You will get fatigued, nausea, and other adverse effects if it’s too heavy.

Finding the optimal CBD dosage will require some trial and error. Several variables might affect the absorption, including your:

  • Body weight
  • Metabolism
  • Food
  • Genetics
  • Health conditions
  • Mood

Most CBD users take between 10mg to 30mg per day. Individuals with severe chronic pain may need up to 1000mg per day.

If you’ve never vaped CBD before, begin with a tiny dosage of 1mg or 2mg. Then gradually increase it by no more than 5mg at a time. You should wait at least 6 hours before taking another one to see your body’s response.

Choosing the Right Tools

Once you’ve determined the appropriate dose and CBD vape oil, it’s time to choose the equipment. You have various alternatives, with the most common being:

Disposable Vape Pens

These pens are the least expensive and most convenient option. They have an integrated battery and coil and are pre-filled with CBD. Once you use up the available CBD vape oil, you can discard the pen.

CBD Cartridges

CBD cartridges use a battery with a 510 connection to function. They hold up to 1ml of CBD; once depleted, you must purchase a replacement cartridge. 

CBD refillable pods and vape pens

Refillable CBD vape pens and pods are costly, but they pay off in the long-term. They consist of the battery, the coil, the tank, and the mouthpiece. You must purchase a bottle of CBD vape juice each time you vape and replenish the tank. 

Take Slow Draws

Turn on your gadget and inhale slowly for three seconds. Hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling softly. Wait around 10 minutes before taking a second draw and experience the CBD’s effects.

This compound is often vaporized twice daily, and the frequency varies depending on the user. If you need an energy boost, a brief vaping session in the morning may be sufficient. If you are attempting to relieve chronic pain, you may need to vape several times each day.

More Goodies on How to Use CBD

CBD oil is becoming more popular as a natural remedy for various ailments. If you prefer an immediate effect, then tinctures and vapes are the best routes. If you want something slow and steady, try some fantastic edibles.

You can always start with a low dosage and slowly increase from there. The whole strategy is to experiment and find your preference. Check out our wide selections if you want quality products or more on how to use CBD.

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