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How to Speed Up Your Exercise Recovery Time

After an intense workout, it can take as long as three days for your muscles to make a full recovery. However, there may be a way in which you can actually speed along this exercise recovery timeline. In fact, there are several different methods you can try to solve your muscle aches and pains and make your muscles recover faster than usual. 

But where should you start? Which method is the best one? Keep reading and learn more about how to speed along your exercise recovery below.

Drink Plenty of Water After Exercising

While drinking water after exercising may seem obvious, there are many who don’t drink enough water after working out. Water is important for improving exercise recovery time for a variety of reasons. For one, after working out, you are likely to be dehydrated. 

This is because a lot of your body’s moisture will be lost through sweat. As you become dehydrated, your muscles will not have enough moisture to heal and recover. Without enough water, it will only take them longer to recover. 

You are also more likely to experience muscle cramps and exercise pain if you are dehydrated. Even if you don’t feel dehydrated, you most likely are, especially after very intense workouts. This is why it is important to drink a tall glass of water directly after working out. 

The Details

Also, on the days after your workout, you should continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will ensure that your blood will run smoothly through your body, and it will ensure that your muscles get plenty of oxygen and nutrients from your blood. For the best results, you should try to add some electrolytes to your water. 

If you only drink water, and especially if you drink too much water, you can actually flush important electrolytes out of your body. This can make you feel fatigued, and it will also slow down the process of your recovering muscles. All you need to do is put a pinch of salt or other electrolytes into your water before you drink it. 

There are also some special electrolyte mixes that you can add to your w water if you want some extra flavor. It is best to stay away from workout drinks that have too much sugar in them since excess sugar will not help you with your workout recovery. 

Try CBD for Muscle Recovery

Many people don’t know that CBD for muscle recovery is actually very helpful. This is because CBD is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties because of the way they fight against free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that accumulate in the body due to stress or pollution. They are unstable because they have lost an electron. To stabilize themselves, these free radicals will attempt to interact with cells in the human body. 

They do this through a process known as lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is quite a harmful process for human health. Some scientific studies have even linked free radical damage to certain health problems, such as the acceleration of aging, the development of some cancers, and inflammation throughout the body. Since sore and painful muscles after exercising are a type of inflammation, it only makes sense that using CBD for muscle recovery should help. 

What You Need to Know

You can use CBD for your aching muscles in many ways. For example, the easiest way to take CBD is to ingest it. You can do this by taking CBD gummies or by swallowing CBD oil. 

After 30 minutes to an hour, the CBD should kick in, and you should feel your sore muscles starting to relax. You can also try topical CBD. Topical CBD comes in many forms, such as creams, salves, lotions, and so on. 

All you need to do is rub the topical CBD over the area of your body that feels sore. After a few minutes, the CBD will soak through your skin and into your muscles. From there, the CBD will start to reduce the inflammation in the area, and your muscles should start to feel much more relaxed. 

You can also try vaping CBD if you want the results to be more immediate. 

Get a Massage

Getting a massage is very important if you want to reduce the inflammation in your muscles and for improving your muscle recovery time. There are many types of massages, but any type will help soothe your muscles. The reason why massages are so important is that they help improve the flow of blood to your muscles. 

When you massage a sore muscle, the kneading motion against the muscle will compel blood to rush to that area. Blood is naturally full of oxygen and nutrients, and as the blood rushes past the sore muscle, the muscle will soak up this excess oxygen and nutrients. This will help the muscle get all the nutrition it needs to recover at a faster rate than usual. 

This is not to mention that the simple motion of a massage can help reduce any pain you may be feeling in your muscles.

All About Speedy Exercise Recovery

If you want to speed up the exercise recovery timeline, there are many methods you can try. For example, drinking plenty of water after exercising is very important so that you remain hydrated. Taking CBD can also be helpful since this cannabinoid is a very powerful anti-inflammatory substance due to it having many antioxidants. 

Getting a massage is another helpful option. To learn more about how CBD can help your body recover, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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