Over 70% of dogs have anxiety, and that doesn’t even take into account all of the other pets out there who suffer from stress, nerves, and fear. 

If your lovable pet is struggling with anxiety, you’re likely looking for a natural way to help alleviate its symptoms. But how do you know if CBD oil or edibles for pets is going to work? 

Here’s a look at how pet CBD works in animals and why it might be the answer to treating your pet’s anxiety. 

What Is Pet CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from cannabis plants and helps relieve stress and anxiety, among other ailments. It has been used by humans for many years, and now offers a solution to pets’ anxieties as well. 

Unlike THC, CBD oil doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. When you’re looking for CBD for your furry friend, it’s essential to make sure the CBD comes from hemp plants only, as these are the only ones safe for pets. 

Purchasing CBD that is specifically designed for pets is the only way you should be offering CBD to your animal. Pet CBD is created just for pets and will have the correct instructions and dosage for animals to ensure their CBD experience is safe and effective. 

Does CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety Work?

While how effectively CBD oil works to relieve anxiety will vary from pet to pet, most people notice significant positive changes after giving their pet CBD

Many different things may cause anxiety in your furry loved one. Whether it’s trips to the vet, fireworks on the 4th of July, a move to a new house, or even an unknown visitor, it isn’t uncommon for pets to show signs of stress or anxiety over common situations. 

If you’re looking for a way to help your pet stay calm without using medication, CBD is a great natural option to get the job done. 

Many people have reported that giving their pet CBD oil greatly improved their pet’s disposition, settling their fears and creating a sense of calm in them. Pets that are prone to anxiety or stress can benefit from CBD’s peaceful properties. 

Are There Side Effects?

CBD results in significantly fewer possible side effects than many other options on the market used for treating pet anxiety.

Of course, it is possible to give your pet too much CBD. If this happens, your pet may feel nauseous, throw up, or feel much sleepier than usual. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, it’s time to reduce their CBD dosage and talk to a vet if necessary. 

As CBD is different from THC, you don’t have to worry about psychoactive properties affecting your pet. The CBD oil or edible won’t produce a high or alter your pet’s cognitive skills. 

Again, if you’re worried about the effects of CBD on your pet, reach out to your vet to have any questions answered and to receive a more detailed plan for how to help ease your pet’s anxiety using CBD. 

What’s the Best Way to Give Your Pet CBD?

There are many different pet CBD products on the market now – lots more to choose from than just a few years ago!

With multiple options comes the ability to choose which method is best for your pet. The most popular CBD products are CBD oil for pet anxiety and CBD chewables or treats. 

Some pet owners find that their pet benefits more from chewable CBD tablets in the form of treats (and they may taste better, too!), while others say that mixing CBD oil into their pet’s food works best for them. You may have to try multiple different methods to find the one that helps your pet best feel calm. 

Always read the instructions that come on the pet CBD packaging to make sure you’re following the directions properly. 

How Do You Know How Much CBD to Give Your Pet?

The recommended dosage will be listed clearly on the CBD product’s packaging. For the most accurate dose, you’ll likely need to know how much your pet weighs so you can cater the dosage to their specific needs and requirements. 

If you’re giving your pet CBD for the first time, it’s best to start with a lower dose than is recommended. Read the instructions to find out what the packaging says is the recommended dose, and then only give your pet half of this amount. Monitor your pet to see how they react to this dosage so you know whether to increase it or not.

If you don’t notice any change in your pet’s anxiety, this could be a sign that the dosage was too small. Continue increasing the dosage in small amounts until you reach the recommended dosage, or until you notice the CBD producing calming effects in your pet. 

Contact your vet if you continue to not see any changes in your pet’s anxiety after using the correct dosage of CBD, and they may be able to help you figure out the next steps to take. 

How Do You Find CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety? 

Just like you don’t want to give your pet food that isn’t healthy for them, you don’t want to offer them CBD that isn’t high quality. 

When you’re looking for CBD products for your pet, make sure you do your research. Ensure that the CBD is made from hemp and doesn’t contain THC, as THC is toxic to animals. 

You also want to look for a trusted and experienced brand that offers products that have been tested. Reviews are another helpful way of making sure the CBD provider you choose is one you can trust. 

Pet CBD for Anxiety: A Complete Guide 

Pet CBD can be a game changer for your furry family member. By starting with a low dosage and finding the CBD method they like best, your pet will be on its way to enjoying lots of calm days. 

If you’re ready to find out what types of pet CBD products are out there, take a look at our site to pick out high-quality options. 

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