A Beginner’s Guide to Using Cat CBD

There’s nothing worse than watching your cat suffer from pain, anxiety, or any other sort of physical or mental ailment. Without the ability to speak for themselves and tell us what’s wrong, we must depend on our pet’s behaviors and characteristics to figure out how to best help them. 

Whether it’s cat anxiety, depression, or pain you’re trying to combat, you may have heard about the positive effects of CBD oil for cats. 

Keep reading for a guide to cat CBD and how you can use CBD oil safely and effectively for your pets. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, oil is a chemical found in cannabis plants. While it has shown significant signs of helping to relieve everything from seizures to anxiety, more research is still being done to determine its true effects.

There’s often some confusion about CBD vs THC. CBD oil doesn’t have THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) in it, meaning it isn’t psychoactive. Giving your pet CBD will not give them a high or alter their thinking. 

CBD oil emerged several years ago as a popular way of relieving one’s stress and anxiety, and now people are expanding its reach to help another member of their families: their pets. 

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Similarly to how CBD can benefit humans by helping to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain, giving CBD edibles or oil to cats can have positive effects as well. 

If your cat has chronic pain that bothers them regularly, CBD can help ease this pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s an easy way to make your cat feel better without giving them intense pain medications. 

Regulating pain isn’t the only benefit of CBD for cats – it can also help your anxious or scared kitty feel calmer.

CBD sets off the serotonin receptors in the brain, which leads one to feel more peaceful. If your cat has anxiety or is showing signs of depression, giving them CBD oil could be a positive way of boosting their mood. And offering CBD to your pet when they’re feeling fearful or timid can help them calm down as well. 

While most people think of CBD as easing anxiety and pain, it has other lesser-known benefits too. 

CBD can improve a cat’s coat, giving them shinier and healthier fur. It can also help lessen swelling. 

Possible Side Effects

CBD has lots of potential benefits for cats, but it also has some side effects to watch out for to ensure your cat stays healthy and thriving. 

The main side effect that may show up is drowsiness. If you give your cat CBD and notice they’re more tired than usual, this is a sign that the dose you’re giving them is too high. If they continue acting sluggish, talk to your vet about whether you should continue giving them CBD or not.

It’s also a good idea to pay special attention to your cat’s sleep schedule so you can spot behavioral differences.

Other possible side effects of CBD include vomiting, nausea, and changes in your cat’s appetite. These side effects aren’t as common, but if your cat does begin throwing up or eating more or less than usual, call your vet to find out how to best relieve these symptoms. 

Just like humans, every cat is different. You won’t know exactly how your pet reacts to CBD until you’ve given it to them, so always start with small dosages and keep an eye on them for potential side effects. 

If your cat does show signs of side effects, or you’re not sure if the CBD is helping them, contact your vet so they can offer professional advice specific to your unique cat. 

Understanding the Dosage

When you purchase CBD oil for your cat, the correct dosage should be written on the container. Read the instructions and follow the directions carefully to ensure the CBD works as it should. 

If it will be the first time your cat has been given CBD, it’s best to start with a very small dose. Then if your cat does well with that dose, you can increase it slightly each time until you reach the recommended dosage according to the package instructions.

If your pet starts experiencing side effects, this is an indicator that you’re giving them too much CBD. Lower the dosage significantly and talk to your vet to find out the best way to proceed. 

While following the CBD’s recommended instructions is always a good place to start, asking your vet how much CBD you should give your cat is best. Since they have more background information on your pet and your pet’s needs, a vet will be able to give you the most accurate dosage and instructions. 

How to Choose the Right Cat CBD

Not all CBD is the same, and it’s crucial that you do your research and know what you’re giving your cat beforehand. 

The first step is only using CBD oil that comes from a hemp plant. There’s also CBD on the market that is sourced from marijuana plants, and this kind of CBD isn’t safe for your pet. While it’s okay for humans to use CBD from a marijuana plant can be toxic for your cat. 

Once you’ve chosen a CBD oil or edible created from a hemp plant and sold by a trusted provider, make sure you’ve read the directions and understand how to give it to your pet. If you’re not sure that you’ve chosen the correct type of CBD, never just test it out on your cat. Instead, call your vet and ask them if it’s safe to give your pet. 

Offer Your Pet Relief with Cat CBD

Cat CBD oil can help ease your pet’s discomfort in ways medications or other options can’t. If you think CBD oil could benefit your cat, reach out to your vet to ask about the next steps to take. 

Looking for trusted CBD products for you or your pet? Check out our website to find the perfect solution to everything from aches and pains to anxiety and stress.

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