cbd infused products to try in 2022

9 CBD Infused Products to Try in 2022

Can you believe that around 33% of Americans have used CBD products before?

Some people aren’t sure about the industry because the science is new and the hype is overwhelming. While CBD shouldn’t be viewed as a magical cure for everything, it is true that it can provide lots of relief for a wide range of health conditions.

Are you new to the world of CBD or you’d like to expand your horizons and try new things? Keep reading this guide that highlights some of the best CBD infused products that you should try at least once.

1. CBD Oil

When most people think about using CBD products, CBD oil is often one of the first things that comes to mind. These products come with varying levels of potency and a droplet so you can control your dose. Taking CBD oil sublingually gives your body the chance to circulate it throughout your system for whole-body wellness.

CBD oil is great for boosting your mood, relaxing your body, and helping you feel like your best self. 

2. CBD Topicals

Are you tired of having dull, dry, or cracked skin? If you take a look at many skincare products on the market, you’ll notice that the labels tend to include all kinds of strange ingredients. Some products even have things like alcohol, which can dry out the skin further.

CBD topicals are deeply hydrating and their anti-inflammatory properties can target blemishes and even reduce pain. Whether you’re interested in beauty or wellness, CBD works hard to cover both bases at the same time.

3. CBD Gummies

Most of us have heard of edible cannabis products, but you’ll be delighted to know that there are also edible CBD products that don’t contain any THC. CBD gummies provide the same benefits as CBD oil, but many people prefer having edibles on hand since they come in convenient serving sizes.

It’s much easier to stash a couple of gummies in your bag and pop them into your mouth than it is to fuss with an entire bottle of CBD oil. The added perk is that CBD gummies taste delicious!

4. CBD Sports Gel

CBD sports gel is a specific type of topical that’s designed for people who have an active lifestyle. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or people who do manual labor can soothe any aches and pains in an impressive amount of time by applying some CBD sports gel.

Not only will the CBD permeate your skin to target sore muscles and joints, but there are other nurturing ingredients like capsaicin, arnica, and camphor that will heat up your skin and block the pain.

5. CBD Sleep Supplement

If you have a hard time falling or staying asleep at night, then other areas of your wellness will begin to suffer as well. Some tips to promote sleepiness like meditating or counting sheep can make people feel more anxious when these methods don’t work.

This is why it’s always worth trying safe CBD products that can give your body the tools it needs to relax and slip into the most relaxing slumber possible. CBD sleep supplements are guaranteed to put your body and mind at ease within minutes.

6. CBD Bath Bomb

It’s no secret that CBD works wonders for helping us unwind, so why not incorporate it into your bath time for extra luxury? CBD bath bombs will fill your tub with rejuvenating CBD and the warm water will help it soak into your skin even deeper.

Bath bombs with soothing essential oils like lavender will also tell your senses to relax through aromatherapy.

7. CBD Lubricant

Plenty of people have had bad experiences with lubricants due to unpleasant textures or weird skin reactions. Since CBD is great for your skin and it can put your mind in a calm, happy state, it makes sense why it works so well as a lubricant as well.

Make sure to shop for a lube that has simple ingredients and that it won’t decrease the efficacy of certain birth control products like condoms.

8. CBD Sunscreen

Can you believe that close to 10,000 people get diagnosed with skin cancer every day in America? It may sound too good to be true, but getting into the habit of applying a strong sunscreen each morning can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer by an impressive amount.

Gone are the days when we had to slop slimy and stinky sunscreen on our bodies to protect ourselves from the sun. Using sunscreen that’s infused with CBD will keep your skin youthful and healthy as you age.

9. CBD Pet Treats

Who says that CBD uses only apply to humans? Our beloved pets have a lot in common with us when it comes to anatomy, so this means that your dog or cat can reap similar benefits. You need to make sure that you buy products that are specifically designed for their smaller bodies so they can get the best results.

Your pet will get excited whenever they hear their CBD treat bag crinkle. Not only are these treats made with yummy, wholesome ingredients, but the CBD can also soothe their anxiety, upset stomach, joint pain, and more.

Buying CBD Infused Can Transform Your Health

With such a wide range of CBD infused products on the market nowadays, you should have no trouble finding the right products to incorporate into your wellness routine. No matter what your unique health goals are, CBD is sure to have a positive effect on your overall well-being.

Are you ready to start exploring more high-quality CBD products? CBD Pantry is passionate about providing the finest CBD products that are suitable for all kinds of lifestyles. Check out our collection so you can find your perfect match and start thriving.

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