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5 Reasons to Use Hemp Extract

Can you believe that the worldwide cannabidiol market was worth almost $5.2 billion last year and is expected to grow by nearly 17% within the next eight years?

As more people realize how wonderful CBD products are, they’ll continue to increase in popularity. You may not know that there are almost as many different products as there are CBD uses. For instance, not as many people talk about hemp extract.

Are you wondering if this particular product will end up suiting your needs? Keep reading to learn all about 5 reasons to use hemp extract.

What Is Hemp Extract?

Before we go into the specifics of why you should invest in hemp extract, it’s important to learn what this product is in detail. Some people confuse hemp extract as belonging to THC cannabis products.

Since hemp extra comes from plant parts that have very little to no THC at all, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Instead of extracting the oil from stems, leaves, and flowers for psychoactive or hallucinogenic purposes, hemp is sought out for its medicinal benefits. These benefits are something that hemp extract does share with CBD products.

Unlike CBD, this product involves an extract process that includes the whole plant. The consequence of this is that you’ll find a wider variety of flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and even terpenes. If you’re using CBD and aren’t getting the desired effects, then it’s worth trying hemp extract instead. 

1. It Can Help Reduce Hypertension

Did you know that hypertension is the most common preventable cause of death? This health condition is so widespread that it affects the lives of almost 1.5 billion people around the world.

With this in mind, you’ll be glad to learn that hemp extract can help alleviate high blood pressure. This is due to the generous portion of omega-3 fatty acids within this product. Of course, it should be emphasized that hemp extract shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your prescribed hypertension medication.

Since hemp extract counts as a safe CBD product, you should feel free to use your dosage in sync with the meds prescribed by your general practitioner.

2. It Can Help Clear Up Your Skin

Whether you have issues with acne or eczema, consuming moderate dosages of hemp oil on a regular basis can end up proving beneficial to your skin’s health. This same is true for other types of skin conditions as well, such as psoriasis or cradle cap.

Aside from helping to clear the skin up, hemp seed oil can also strengthen your skin in general. This will make it more difficult for skin issues to develop in the future.

However, it’s possible for hemp extract to have the opposite effect and cause a rash. Since everyone responds differently to various products, it’s a good rule of thumb to do a patch test before anything else. If your skin looks fine after applying a drop or two, then feel free to consume your dose and look forward to the benefits.

3. It Can Encourage a Healthy Newborn

As mentioned earlier, hemp oil has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. Aside from this ingredient being great for alleviating hypertension, it can also help your child develop as healthily as possible while in the womb.

It’s an important factor in healthy brain and eye growth, in particular. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, hemp extract can even reduce the risk of maternal depression. This benefit is related to a more general advantage relating to hormones.

4. It Can Balance Out the Body’s Hormones

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is yet another amazing ingredient of hemp oil. The presence of this ingredient is what can help balance out the hormones throughout your body. Not only does this prove effective for fighting against maternal depression but it can also help with post-partum depression.

Menstrual cramps associated with PMS are often no match for the power of hemp extract. For women who are experiencing the often severe symptoms of menopause, you’ll be glad to know that the GLA in hemp extract can help reduce these symptoms, too. That way, you can say goodbye to irritability, cramps, hot flashes, and much more.

Your regular medication shouldn’t be affected by your moderate dosage of hemp extract, although it’s better to be safe than sorry. With this in mind, you should contact your doctor before taking hemp extract on a consistent basis.

5. It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

There’s a significant amount of health issues that involve inflammation. From irritable bowel syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis, it can sometimes feel like relief is a million miles away.

While some conditions aren’t curable, treating the symptoms and help you live a more comfortable life. The GLA in hemp extract is also a great ingredient for reducing inflammation around the body. You can even apply the hemp oil directly to the affected area.

This can go a long way toward relieving both short-term and long-term pain. These benefits are worth the price of admission alone but there are many other benefits as well, including a boost to your immune system, an increase in heart health, and an aid to weight loss, among others.

Are You Ready to Use Hemp Extract?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 reasons to use hemp extract, you can incorporate it into your daily life. With so many uses and benefits, it’s definitely worth stocking up on this product so that you never run out.

We can help you stay stocked up on all of your favorite products and brands. From capsules and edibles to topicals and even CBD for pets, our customers always come back for more.

If you have questions about our hemp extract, feel free to look over our frequently asked questions or contact us with something specific.

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